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List Industries Inc. manufactures shelving for all types of needs. Our warehouses stock thousands of pounds of shelving and shelving components for use in schools, stockrooms, warehouses, factories and all manner of facilities. Hi-Tech steel clip shelving is a great standard shelving unit that has hundreds of options for customization making it versatile enough to be useful to almost any facility. Rivetwell boltless rivet shelving and Duratech pass-thru shelving both offer full access to all 4 sides of the shelving units, providing easy access to contents and providing many installation options. H-Post High Capacity Shelving is used when building multi-level high-rise shelving, and mezzanines. Choose MedSafe antimicrobial shelving which consists of Hi-Tech clip shelving with an additive that eliminates bacteria and microbes for up to twenty years. Now offering black rivet shelving with multiple decking options that are great for various specific uses.

Shelving is sold in starter and adder units that are assembled together sharing shelving posts. One starter is needed at the start of each shelving row, and then adders are used to complete the row. This type of shelving configuration not only adds strength and stability to the shelving formation, but also saves you money because each row of shelving shares components. Contact a sales rep for assistance when planning your shelving configuration to be sure that you utilize the most efficient use of space.

Hi-Tech Industrial-Grade Steel Shelving

Hi-Tech Steel Shelving
High Capacity H-Post Shelving

H-Post High Capacity Shelving
Rivetwell Boltless Steel Shelving

Rivetwell Boltless Shelving
Duratech Pass-Thru Shelving

Duratech Pass-Thru Shelving
Hi-Tech Medsafe Antimicrobial Steel Shelving

Hi-Tech Antimicrobial Shelving
Deep Bin Shelving

Deep Bin Shelving
Rivetwell Black Boltless Shelving

Rivetwell Black Shelving
High Capacity Die Shelving

High Capacity Die Shelving