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Sustainability - Environmentally Conscious Efforts of List Industries Inc.



List Industries Inc. is committed to becoming a sustainable company. 

Here are some ways where the company has demonstrated their commitment:

  • We are proud to say that 100% of our products are painted with powder, rather than liquid.  Powder paint does not require any solvents when changing colors nor does it require filters, which both create a hazardous waste.  Powder paint contains no Volatile Organic Compounds, which when emitted may be harmful to humans and the environment. 
  • List Industries upgraded the lighting in all owned facilities, which includes offices, warehouses, and also factories.  The company changed to high efficiency ballasts and bulbs with highly reflective housings.  Specifically, T-4, T-6, and T-8 bulbs were used.  Not only were the bulbs changed in our factory and offices in Deerfield Beach, FL, but also in our distribution centers in Apopka, Plymouth, and Memphis.
  • A different chemical is used when applying the conversion coating.  Instead of using iron phosphate which requires heating of the concentration before application, Bonderite NT-1 is used.  This chemical does not require heat, ultimately saving energy costs because we are not burning gas to heat the water.
  • List Industries Inc. buys the majority of their steel from Nucor, a steel company that uses 75% recycled steel content to make their steel.  Nucor also uses Electric Arc Furnace Technology which has 67% less carbon equivalent emissions than from the conventional way of making steel from iron ore.  
  • There are recycling bins taken up each week for paper as well as aluminum and plastics.
  • Our materials are lead and chrome FREE.