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Production Item

• Superior unibody all-welded corridor lockers include our double vertical frame design adding strength, integrity, durability and visual appeal.
• First we start with prime grade cold rolled sheet steel. 16 gauge for all body components except backs which are 18 gauge. Doors are heavy 14 gauge.
• Sides are formed to be an integral part of the front vertical locker frame which locks into the bottom for precise alignment and added strength. 
• We MIG weld an additional channel shaped vertical frame member between doors providing a continuous door strike at both the hinge and latch side of the door.
• The top and bottom are flanged downward at the front to form a 1-1/2" high channel shaped top and Bottom horizontal frame member continuous across the multiple column unit up to 60" wide.
• The base is a full 1-1/2" high keeping locker contents away from moisture on the floor and/or wood/concrete base.
• Front-to-back channel stiffeners are welded into the base under each side panel providing a strong Anchor bearing surface for installation and increasing overall unit strength. 
• Horizontal tier dividers for double and triple tier models project through to the face of the locker forming a horizontal cross member between doors for maximum strength.
• Guaranteed in writing by our lifetime warranty.

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