A variety of pedestals to suit your individual needs can be used with our solid oak benchtops to form the ideal lockerroom benches.

Wood Benches

Benches are 9-1/2” wide x 1-1/4” thick, made from laminated white northern hard wood, and finished with one coat, deep-penetrating hot sealer, and two coats of heavy body, high-impact, hot, hydraulically applied lacquer. Bench tops are standard in one foot increments from 3’ thru 12’. Non-standard lengths are available on special order (pedestal requirement will be for next standard size up).

Bench Top Length 3' - 8' 9' - 12'
Pedestals Required 2 3

Note: Bench top lengths over 12’ will be supplied in sections

Phenolic Benches

Benches are 9-1/2" x 3/4" Thick, made from Wilsonart® phenolic in choice of 18 standard colors. See Color Chart for color choices. Available in 1 foot incriments from 3' to 10'.

Bench Top Lenght 3' - 5' 6' - 8'` 9' - 10'
Pedestals Required 2 3 4

Pedestal space not to exceed 40” O.C.


4805 HEAVY DUTY Steel Pedestal
Fabricated from tubular steel with 11 guage formed flanges.
Color: TAN

8032 Adjustable Steel Pedestal
With cast aluminum base and concealed anchoring to floor. 
Color: TAN

4810 EXTRA Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Pedestal
With 6” diameter top and bottom flanges with three anchoring holes. 
Color: TAN

4820 Aluminum Moveable Pedestal
Includes holes for optional permanent anchoring to floor.
Color: TAN

4825 Stainless Steel Pedestal
Fabricated from 16 guage stainless steel. Designed for moveable and fixed use.
Color: Unpainted


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Download Documents:

Simple Specifications:
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